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canvas tents for saleModerate sized tents

The 8lbs 11oz Kelly Gunnison is a 4 individual, 3 Season Tent having a full-rainfly cover for maximum protection. It's slightly heavier than other tents and it is better fitted to vehicle camping than backpacking unless you are able to split the load. The quality that is excellent aluminum poles enhance durability, while the taped seams, tub floor and full-rainfly keep you dry. Besides this the storage and vestibule packets keep all of your gear dry and protected. A four individual tent is good for two different people and lots of gear.

Moderate Big / Family Tents

The Kelly Mantra 7 weighs 23 pounds 8 oz and is ideal for vehicle camping. It is a family that is big that provides good security from the wind plus the rain. The 7 individual 3 Season Kelly Mantra 7 Tent is 6 legs high and offers a lot of living area and it is perfect for big family camping tents. The DAC aluminum poles are more durable than fiberglass therefore the full-rainfly, sealed seams, and tub floor are great protection from rains and thunderstorms.


The Kelly Crestone 2 Tent is just a lightweight camping tent well suited for backpacking. The 2 person 3 period comes in at 4 pounds and 12 oz with two doors for easier access and two large area vestibules for storing your gear.

Camping Tents to be utilized during Winter and Rain

The North Face VE-25 is an all season tent and ideal for protection from serious climactic conditions like wind-driven rain, sleet and snow. It is loaded with a 5 layer waterproof barrier, 5 DAC Featherlite SL poles, bath tub flooring, and full rainfly. This three-person expedition tent also has polyurethane windows which were cold-crack tested to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. It weighs 11lbs 1oz but could be whittled down to 9lb 13 oz and will be used for car camping or divide up between two backpackers. However, this tent may be a little too over heated for hot and damp conditions.
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Tents are rated in seasons, most typical may be the three period tent, beneficial to spring, summer and autumn. A four season tent, as its name implies, is rated for all seasons of the season.

Body Weight:

Your new tent must be simple for you to definitely transport and construct. Your capability to construct and move the tent around could rely on other campers while the material your tent consists of. Canvas being the heaviest of tent materials and nylon being the lightest.


The simplest tents to assemble will incorporate what's popularly known as a Insta-frame. The frame will be had by these tents incorporated onto the tent. Insta-frame models can be setup in usually 2 - 4 moments and so are most often found on dome shaped tents. Standard frame tents require longer for setup, 10 - 15 minutes and also at least a couple to gather.


Nylon could be the mostly used material for the camping tent, lightweight and woven in a weave that is rip-stop nylon has proven durability and shown to last for years. Cotton canvas is the 2nd many popular material and has proven its durability for over a century.

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