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Suwitmuaythai for Muay Thai in Thailand is an ancient sport


Muay Thai, often regarded as “Thai Boxing,” is an ancient sport that focuses on standing hand-to-hand combat and various grappling techniques.

As the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai is taught at different training camps and gyms across the country. The estimated period of time to master the basics of Muay Thai is somewhere between three to six months. Usually, people who spend over a year learning the sport are said to understand all of its components well. Like any other sport, Muay Thai also comes with great health benefits that are:

Source of weight loss

Muay Thai is acknowledged as the “Art of eight limbs,” which means that it uses eight different body parts like elbows, fists, shin, limbs, etc., during the fighting. This rigorous exercise will surely melt any extra fat from your body and helps you lose weight much quicker than other slimming methods. Jumping rope, kickboxing, running, and shadow mixing are all part of the main training sessions of Muay Thai.

Teaches the art of self-discipline

Through regular classes and training sessions of Muay Thai, self-discipline can be significantly improved. With each passing session, you will find yourself growing and motivated towards the same goal and follow the same schedule. In this way, one can improve his self-discipline.

Muay Thai channels your inner warrior

You will feel yourself turning into a true warrior after practicing the art for ample amount of time. In case you fall in such situation where you could be attacked, the learning of the sport can help you in self-defense as well. Not only does Muay Thai in Thailand teaches you to remain calm, but it also gives you the confidence to carry out the instructions in the same manner as trained.

Muay Thai improves stamina and cardiovascular health

Caution: Muay Thai is not for weak-hearted people.

It is a rigorous exercise that demands a driven minset and ultimately leads to the betterment of the body. Since Muay Thai is a mixture of aerobic workouts, it is one of the best source to improve and strengthen the overall cardiovascular health of the body. Moreover, training for longer period of time will improves stamina too.

Boost your hip movements

Muay Thai is not just going to do you good when you are young, but it will reap fruits in the long run as well. We all know that Muay Thai practices the art of kickboxing, which involves legs, hips, and knee movement. The frequent study of kickboxing will prevent any hip injuries you are likely to face in the future.

Muay Thai – a stress reliever

After a long day of hectic work, when you get to burst out your anger and stress in the form of punching and kicking, your happy hormones are released, and you feel fresher thanever. In Muay Thai, there is one rule: The more you sweat, the more you feel relaxed.

Want strong core? learn Muay Thai at Suwitmuaythai

Muay Thai training session involve strengthening of core, meaning that getting hardcore abdominal muscles is a guarantee when you are learning this sport. Suwit Muay Thai is a good Muay Thai camp in Thailand.  For those who long for six-pack abs, it is advised by Muay Thai experts to train their core at least thrice a week.